The gate for me to God, that’s you. Only through my faith in you, my unique neighbor, do I make God’s kingdom become real. That’s what Jesus shows us by raising a paralytic, taking his bed under his arm on God’s Sabbath. “It’s Sabbath, you can’t carry your bed,” is the simple reaction of the Jews. It is too simple. Love for God’s Word always passes through people.

You, my neighbor, are my way, my truth and my life. When Jesus said, “Whoever believes in Me has eternal life,” He didn’t mean it absolutely, but relatively: everyone who truly believes in his or her neighbor has eternal life. Human love is God’s love.

Jesus never intended to take over God’s place. He rather wanted to clarify with all his heart, all his mind and all his strength that people are the only gateway to God for one another. He gave his life to make us understand this. That’s divine.