Today I am reborn,

I who have crucified you;

yes, your hands, nailed down,

Lift me up to joy.


My dusty, ashy body:

You embalm it, make it one;

You, whom I let wither.


Still from the silent grave

You appeal the peace in me.


Love lives again

Love lives again

Love lives again.

She pours herself laughing, lightning,

into people’s basement hearts.


Love dances again,

lifts the sad, the sleep-deprived

whirlwind-like upwards.


Love reigns again.

Shackles around petrified hands

melt as if they had never been.


Reawakening Eyes

Reawakening Eyes

Reawaking eyes look astonished

out of a crushed body

into a tenderly loved world.


Their light was quenched

because they didn’t see any darkness,

they had to be closed

because they couldn’t be blind.


Now they shine again,

they offer themselves, trembling with life and hope,

to our guessing world.


Perfectly Broken

Perfectly Broken

Three Meditations for Eucharistic Adoration


I am absorbed in You,

You are consumed in me.

Now I may have my eyes on You,

now my pain has turned.

Three Meditations for Eucharistic Adoration


Perfectly broken Son of man,

purely crushed flesh and blood,

unblemished suffering heart:

that’s where I am embedded in.


Your longing for the Father,

Your pain and Your love

are concentrated in

this small piece of bread.

I don’t touch it, Lord,

I only look.

That’s how I keep the hunger,

that’s how I keep the hope.