Today I am reborn,

I who have crucified you;

yes, your hands, nailed down,

Lift me up to joy.


My dusty, ashy body:

You embalm it, make it one;

You, whom I let wither.


Still from the silent grave

You appeal the peace in me.


Perfectly Broken

Perfectly Broken

Three Meditations for Eucharistic Adoration


I am absorbed in You,

You are consumed in me.

Now I may have my eyes on You,

now my pain has turned.

Three Meditations for Eucharistic Adoration


Perfectly broken Son of man,

purely crushed flesh and blood,

unblemished suffering heart:

that’s where I am embedded in.


Your longing for the Father,

Your pain and Your love

are concentrated in

this small piece of bread.

I don’t touch it, Lord,

I only look.

That’s how I keep the hunger,

that’s how I keep the hope.